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Cities / Regions / Countries

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Local Area

Name Description
Cambridge (City) Official site for City of Cambridge.
Community Information Centre of Waterloo Region (CICWR) Provides community information for the Region of Waterloo.
Guelph (City) Official site for City of Guelph.
Kitchener (City) Official site for City of Kitchener.
Regional Municipality of Waterloo Official site for Region of Waterloo.
Toronto Official site for City of Toronto.
Waterloo (City) Official site for City of Waterloo.


Name Description
About Canada "A federal government Web site which provides information about Canada's people, economy, society, culture, parliamentary system, natural resources, climate, science and technology and more."

United States of America

Name Description
50 States and Capitals "Provides information on U.S. states including geographic location, area, capital city, economy, geology, universities and colleges, population etc."
City Search "Provides city guides primarily for U.S. cities, though some coverage of Canadian cities and other cities worldwide is provided."
USA CityLink Project Links to sites for Cities and States in the U.S.A..


Name Description
BBC News World Edition: Country Profiles "Presents country overviews, basic facts, Web links, and details on leaders and media. Includes news stories and audio and video clips from the BBC archives."
CIA World Factbook "Provides reference information about the countries of the world including details of people, geography, economy, communications, government, transportation, military, and transnational issues."
Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of Congress "... a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world." "An up-to-date source of information for 191 countries. As well as providing basic data such on population profile, history, economy, agriculture, energy, metals and environment, it also provides current news wire stories about the country. In-depth country reports and the news archive search engine are only available by subscription." Country Briefings "Provides coverage of some sixty countries including news stories, fact sheets, forecasts, economic data (ten economic indicators over four years), and information on political and economic structure. Note that articles labeled premium content are only available to paying subscribers."
Europa World Plus Provides current detailed political, demographic, and economic information on over 250 countries and 1650 international organizations. A comparative statistics feature allows searchers to select variables and build basic statistical tables and graphs. [RR]
Flags of All Countries Provides access to images of the flags of countries around the world. This site is organised alphabetically by country name. Also offers a flag identifier tool.
Flags of the World Provides information about and images of flags of the world (both civil and state flags). A keyword search facility is provided and it is also possible to search for country flags via clickable maps. This site also features a glossary of vexillological te
Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources "Includes a section called Portals to the World with a wide range of information on 46 different countries. The Special International Guides area brings together nine of LC's online resources relating to international studies including Country Studies, Global Legal Information Network, and the Handbook of Latin American Studies. Information about LC's international collections and fellowships in international studies is also provided."
Mergent Online: Country Profiles

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Official City Sites "A comprehensive set of links to official city sites in the U.S.A."
Rulers "Lists heads of states and heads of government for most countries dating back to the early 19th century. Also lists foreign ministers of many countries, as well as the heads of key international organizations."

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