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Associations / Societies

Associations & Societies

Name Description
Associations on the Net "2000+ sites: professional, trade, cultural, advocacy, and academic associations. Also research institutions. Many subject areas."
Canada’s Information Resource Centre

Formerly known as Canada InfoDesk, this searchable collection of directories provides access to Canadian associations, government bodies, libraries, environmental agencies, and financial services. A Canadian almanac is also included.

Guidestar The most complete source of information about U.S. charities and other nonprofit organizations. Searchable database of more than 1.8 million IRS-recognized organizations.
Idealist "A directory of 20,000 nonprofit and volunteering organizations around the world."
TechExpo Directory of Hi-Tech Organizations in the Engineering and Medical/Life Sciences "Engineering, medical and life sciences; this section ofTechExpo is restricted to societies, which are either scholarly or professional. "
Yearbook of International Organizations The most comprehensive reference work and information resource on international non-profit organizations and associations worldwide. [RR]

UW Restricted Resource