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Patents / Trade-marks

Table of Contents

Canadian Patents & Trade-marks

Name Description
Canadian Intellectual Property Office "Over 75 years of information. Full patent descriptions and images of patents since August 15, 1978. Prior to August 15, 1978 no abstracts or claims."
Canadian Trade-marks Database The database comprises all active and many inactive trade-marks either applied-for or registered pursuant to the current Trade-marks Act or former trade-mark legislation.

U.S. Patents & Trade-marks

Name Description
FreePatentsOnline Provides fast, easy-to-use access to patents and patent applications.
Legal Resources and Tools for Surviving the Patenting Frenzy "Provides basic information on U.S. patent information. Can search patents, but requires payment."
U.S. Patent Office Databases 1976- Includes full-text database + links to images of patents. Also a rapid-search frontpage database.Plug-in required.
U.S. Patents pat2pdf The U.S. patent database retrieves patent information one page at a time. Once you have a patent number, use Pat2pdf to get the full document quickly.
United States Patent and Trademark Office - Trademarks Includes the full bibliographic text of pending and registered U.S. trademarks.

Worldwide Patents

Name Description
British Intellectual Property Office British patents and trademarks
European Patent Office (and database) Free
European Patent Office database UK. English language search engine of EPO patent databases
Japan Patent Office

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