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E-Reference Items for Political Science (6)

Name Description
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online Represents important "persons who died between the years 1000 and 1930 or whose last known date of activity falls within these years."
Encyclopedia of Global Change The authoritative articles "investigate all types of phenomena that change life on Earth." [RR]
Encyclopedia of Human Rights Offers “comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human rights theory, practice, law, and history in over 300 entries signed by leading scholars and human rights experts.” [RR]
Oxford Handbooks Online

Collection in four subject modules: Business & Management , Philosophy, Political Science and Religion. Offers authoritative approach to scholarship.

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace

Offers “a comprehensive survey of the full range of historical, political, theoretical and philosophical issues relating to peace and conflict.” Entries are by leading scholars in the field.

Routledge Handbook of Security Studies This revised and updated 2nd ed. offers essential reading for research in Security Studies, War and Conflict Studies, and International Relations. [RR]

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