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E-Reference Items for German and Germanic (10)

Name Description
Collins Dictionaries From HarperCollins Publishers. Coverage includes British & American English dictionaries, a thesaurus, and translation dictionaries for French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The translation dictionaries are bilingual, e.g. French/English, English/French, but the search results provide equivalents in many other languages.
Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics (Second Edition) ELL2 "cannot be surpassed for its depth, currency, interdisciplinary coverage, and sheer comprehensiveness.” Coverage includes  the language situation in countries all over the world, language education policies in the world's major regions, language and the brain, animal communication, second-language acquisition, etc. [RR]
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment The coverage from 1670 to 1815 includes Western Europe, North America, Brazil, and Iberian, Russian, Jewish, and Eastern European cultures. [RR]
German Studies Web: Reference Shelf This site links to a number of reference resources on the web. Includes: Collected Reference Tools, Dictionaries, Handbooks, etc., General Country Information, Tourism, German Zip Codes, Train Schedules, Maps.
Germany and the Americas: culture, politics, and history: a multidisciplinary encyclopedia (Access in library is by WatCard login) Examines German cultural and political legacy in the Americas and details the relations between the German-speaking world and the Americas. [RR]
Glossary of Literary Terms A useful free resource from Gale. Its Lit Kit also provides access to How to Write a Term Paper, and Citing Information from Thomson Gale Databases.
Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism "An encyclopaedic guide to critical theory. Although particularly relevant to literature and linguistic studies, it may also be of interest to researchers in social sciences and humanities." [RR]
KLG (Kritisches Lexikon zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur) This dictionary provides updated information on biographies, work, and influence of German-speaking authors since 1945. Coverage also includes songwriters and film directors. Extensive primary and secondary bibliographies. [RR]
Literary Encyclopedia Covers world literatures in English. Provides "profiles of authors and texts, and basic knowledge on their cultural contexts." Includes major philosophers and philosophies, and information on major historical events. [RR]
Oxford English Dictionary

“This web site provides access to OED online, the material contained in the acclaimed 20-volume Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary and the 3 volumes of Additions, and draft material from the current OED project, representing the latest progress toward a completely revised and updated Third Edition.”


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