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E-Reference Items for Earth Sciences (3)

Name Description
Dictionary of Science (6th ed.) Contains alphabetically organized entries on all aspects of chemistry, physics, biology (including human biology), Earth sciences, and astronomy. Includes short biographies of leading scientists, full-page illustrated features on selected subjects, and chronologies of specific scientific subjects. [RR]
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, 4th ed. A comprehensive tool for geophysicists, geologists, explorationists, engineers, energy advisers, economists, and students in the field. Provides access to the list of terms, definitions and associated figures, the search engine, the introductory texts, the appendices, and the references. [RR]
Treatise on Geochemistry A comprehensive, integrated summary of the present state of geochemistry. All major parts of geochemistry are dealt with, ranging from the chemistry of the solar system to environmental geochemistry. [RR]

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